Monday, February 8, 2010

The Edge of the World

I went to Cannon Beach on Sunday, and visited my Mom. My Dad was off at their Retirement Home in Ocean Park, but my mother had to stay home, since volunteers were arriving that weekend. I left about eight-thirty, and arrived about ten -- it was a lovely fair morning for driving, and I do love the drive to the coast. Especially when I am not driving, but just looking and looking out the windows at all the loveliness. But even if I am driving, it is great to have the time to myself. Just me and the radio! You know I was singing along, too!

So I got there about an hour before she left for church, and when she left, I took my erstwhile regular morning walk, down to the beach, and then south to the Rock, back into town, and home again. The weather was splendid for being February at the coast -- a breeze, but not enough to chill, warm sun, a few shimmering clouds to lend the air a haze -- gorgeous weather at the Edge of the World!

I packed up the rest of my belongings, ate some of my mother's homemade bread, toasted with cinnamon sugar, and just chatted with Mom. A good time was had by all.


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