Friday, February 19, 2010

Headache -- so sick of that word

I woke this morning with a spot of pain -- just a pinprick, a tiny red eye of pain in The Spot above my right eye. It did not melt away in the hot, steamy shower; it did not vanish with my large cup of scalding and very caffienated coffee; nor did it pack its tent like the Arabs and silently steal away with my dose of ibuprofen.


It has, in fact, grown and burgeoned and spread its wings and settled itself for -- at least -- the day, and probably several days. It now occupies the whole front right quadrant of my brain, the area around my eye and my right cheekbone.

And I am just so very damn sick and tired of this ridiculous and pointless and purposeless and stupid and PAINFUL process! Let me OUT!!

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