Friday, October 4, 2013

There You Feel Free

When I am driving just to get somewhere, then I almost always prefer freeways and high speeds and on-ramps and off-ramps.  Cuz on the freeways, there you feel free.  Thank you, Tim Powers.

But driving between home and work, on Friday mornings, I always take the overland route.  I do this to avoid the congestion of the Evil Banfield, which has no shoulders of any kind, and is just a terrible, fiery, twisted metal wreck waiting to happen, but I am really enjoying it for its own sake.  Driving along Burnside has all kinds of things to look at and enjoy, and I can usually drive about ten miles over the speed limit, cuz of no traffic at all, and still see the lovely houses and apartments with which it is lined.

Bus routes are not on highways or freeways, either, and the 15 meanders along over Mount Tabor and through the Belmont neighborhood, and then around Mall 205 from behind, and all -- past many beautiful houses and lovely old brickers and gorgeous yards and big, stunning trees.  It is making me love Portland more than ever.

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