Wednesday, September 18, 2013


If I am to continue riding the bus to work, at the time and place that I do ride the bus to work, (and I am) then I am going to have to rethink, and possibly rearrange my eating schedule.  I am accustomed to getting up in the morning and drinking a large black and very strong cup of coffee.  And then of needing no further recruitment until lunch.  But lately, as I sit at the bus stop in the crisp quiet mornings, I am assailed by aroma.  Across the street to my left is a superlative French-style bakery.  And a few feet down the block on the other side is an excellent breakfast restaurant.  So between the two of them, my appetite is being awoken earlier than usual.  A little swirl of hot, sugary, yeasty smell tickles my nose for several breaths, than a waft of delicately frying bacon.  A few eddies of  excellent coffee and that hot smooth smell of steamed milk.  Crisp toast, melted butter, fresh oranges -- all can be smelled in their round perfection, all of which cause me to arrive at the office absolutely ravenous.

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