Monday, October 7, 2013

Very Grimm

This morning I left the apartment building a little later than usual, since it was Monday, and I was going to make a stop at my credit union.  Only Monday and Thursday mornings, it's available to me.  As I left the lobby, I was thinking about the filming of "Grimm", which was scheduled to be happening today, and wondering if I might catch sight of any of the actors -- none of whom speak to me in any particular way, but all of whom are familiar, and it would have been fun.  I walked up to the bank, deposited the check and exchanged a few pleasantries with the teller, and then began walking back down Thurman to my bus stop.  I was horrified to see a banner across the street, saying "Northwest Christmas Village"  and several large street decoration-type Christmas decorations.  There was even a Christmas tree lot, with hot chocolate stand set up in a parking lot.  I fumed! It isn't even Hallowe'en yet, it's barely October!  What the hell?  And why, in Northwest, has this sort of small-town silliness taken hold?  And so early!

And so forth and so on.  Until I saw the enormous floodlights and the camera truck.  And I had just been thinking about "Grimm", too!  Heavens.

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