Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ya Wanna Get Ants?

This morning I managed to shower, dress, dry and put up my hair, pack a lunch, make and drink my coffee and eat about half a piece of toast and marmalade, (Note: what is it about early mornings, that the effort of eating is so much more than the desire to satisfy appetite?  I was thinking and thinking of delicious hot, crispy, buttered toast, with fresh, tangy orange marmalade to try and stir up some appetite, and my stomach was not responding at all.  I made it anyway, thinking that the smell/taste would help, but it didn't at all.  I managed to take my vitamins, and then left the remaining piece and half on the plate on the counter -- "ya wanna get ants?  Cuz that's how you get ANTS!") all quickly enough that I was also able to put two quarts of oil in my car before the TIME TO LEAVE! alarm went off on my phone.

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