Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We took it right back

Last night I gave Joe a haircut, measured and pinned the hems of three pairs of pants for his girlfriend Catt, made and frosted a panful of cinnamon rolls (which they took with them when they left, AND which were from a can, so but den) and listened to a lot of chat from the pair of them. Gave Catt some advice on how to conduct herself in interveiws. Chased Joe out of the house because he had eaten an egg-salad sandwich and was having trouble with gas. Made him very handsome in a short-haired Junior Executive. And then made myself some dinner, played around on the computer for a bit, and went to bed. Don't remember turning off the light or turning on the book-on-tape, but the lights were off when the alarm went off this morning, so someone did.

So, tonight I need to hem those pants, since they are coming back to get them on Thursday, and make a quick stop by the grocery store for some bread. No bread in the house at the moment, since I ate the last piece of toast on the morning that I drove up to Mom and Dad's. And that was last Saturday. I did enjoy that long weekend, even though I was pretty gosh-darn sick for most of it. Did a lot of sleeping, which was very peaceful, and not at all itchy with guilt at the housework that I was not getting done.

Oh, but here's a funny. Remember, I bought the first two seasons of Downton Abbey on DVD for them, since they are watching a lot of movies, and only have a library at which to get them. And I was pretty excited about it, because it is supposed to be a very good show, and I have not seen any of it myself. So I was just getting ready to whip them out and hand them over, and I asked my mother if she had heard of the current show, called Downton Abbey. Her face puckered up like she had bitten into a lime, and her head began to shake. Oh, yes, they had checked it out from the library, and in the very first scene, there had been two men who were planning to go to bed together. And if they hadn't turned the TV off in a big hurry, who knows, they might have just done it right there!

"We took that movie RIGHT back," my mother assured me primly.

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