Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

Well. It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, alternately raining in a very spring-like manner, and glowing with vivid sunlight which reflects off the just-rained raindrops. The tips of branches are all palely green, and the bright wet lawns are a brilliant, glowing emerald. Lovely.

I am sitting at my computer, having just finished a fresh, hot bean burrito, still crackling from the hot oil it was seared in, and drinking port left over from the Visit of John. For John was here, my lovelies, yes, indeed he was. I provided him with a bed and bathroom and occasional companionship for the past week, whilst he went hither and yon visiting old friends and places, ranging from Eugene to Vancouver, BC. So I hit Powell's twice, where I have not been since the last time John was here, when was that, sometime at Christmas? Close to Christmas? Hit Powell's twice, went to several restaurants, went to a wine bar and drank a lot of Nebbiolo, bought two bottles of port and drank them both. Am just finishing one of them now, which is, I believe, where I came in.

I have a lovely clean apartment, also left over from the Visit of John,(although it was still fairly tidy from the Visit of Matt and Susanna) and needs only a quick load or two of laundry to be back in the game and ready for the upcoming week. I have just returned from a trip to the library, and a trip to the bank, having decided against a trip to the grocery store, and am waiting for it to be time for a trip to the movies.

I did a lot of walking yesterday, all over the Pearl District as we went to Coppia's for wine, to Powell's and then all around looking for somewhere to eat, the Deschutes Cafe having a line that promised a 40-minute wait, and then back to Powell's after eating at Third and Davis Tavern. My calves were faintly sore when I woke up this morning (with a momentary port-drinking headache)and the balls of both feet are still throbbing feebly.

Oh! And you know how I've been watching Battlestar Galactica, and quite enjoying it (with reservations, although I enjoy them, too) and had just finished Season Two? Well,Season Three is available in its entirety, but ONLY if you join Hulu Plus and pay to watch it! Ha, ha, April Fools!

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