Saturday, March 5, 2011

So THAT's what I mean, when I say or I sing!

It is Saturday, and the first Saturday of the year that actually feels like Spring! It is not raining, the air has a slight buoyancy to it, just a bit of lift, a smell of Spring. The silly geese are building their (soi disant) nest on the roof below my balcony, which brings their loud and ridiculous mouths a lot closer to my ears than usual. This morning, as I lay in bed until seven-thirty (scandalous!) I could hear them as though they were in the bedroom with me, squawking repeatedly, on and on and on. Makes me really wish for a BB gun.

But! I am being distracted by geese and their stupid ways. Today is the first day of Spring! I know, I know, -- not technically, not legally! But REALLY! The camellias are blooming all over the place! The daphne is blooming! There will be hyacinths and daffodils and crocuses any minute! And it FEELS like Spring! For the first time this year. I was paying attention, this time! And I noticed it!

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