Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Straighten that Curl!

Okay -- tell me if you think I am being an elitist snob about this. A woman that I know wanted to sell her haircare accessories and beauty products. She told me that she was selling her "hair curler that straightens." Thinking about that, I asked if it had interchangeable parts? You know, could you take the wand off and replace it with one of those flat things that straightens?

"No," she said, looking at me strangely, "It just straightens. It doesn't curl. I have curling irons for curling with."

"Oh," I said. "You called it a curler that straightens, is why I asked."

"It does," she said with exaggerated patience. "It straightens. That's what it does."

"But doesn't curl," I said, just making sure. "It's a curler that doesn't curl."

She walked away, giving me a wondering side-eye, and later showed me the ad she had printed up. It was headed, "Straightening Curler."

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