Monday, March 7, 2011

Never-Changing Coming of Spring

Daffodils! Glowing golden clumps of daffodils in full bloom! I saw several this weekend on my few short trips out here and there. Spent most of the weekend in, though, cuz of my visit from Jeannette! Very nice to see her, and have her see my apartment, which was really, very nearly clean. Really. Very.

But yes -- lovely though it was to see Jeannette and talk over Joe's recent behavior with her, I was talking about daffodils and their gorgeous lemony-yellow trumpet flowers. There is a fat clump of them growing just a few feet from the entrance to my apartment building. I used to wonder about how they grew in clumps like that, wondering why people planted so many so closely together. But then I figured it out, after planting some myself. The bulbs split and spread. So if you have, say, three bulbs, planted neatly together in a small triangle, they will bloom like that for the first year or maybe two, but then one or all of the bulbs is going to split when it arouses itself from it's long winter nap. And the split could send up another few daffodils on the outer edge of the triangle, or into the midst of it. And then the next year, now that you have, say five daffodil bulbs, the split gives you, say eight. And then fourteen. And then twenty-six. So five years after you planted this small group of bulbs, you've suddenly got a very fat, tightly packed little crowd of bulbs, blooming like crazy, and all in this same small spot. More or less.

Anyway, I am very happy to know that they are out there. Very happy to know that my life is going to continue, like the never-changing coming of spring, until it ends, and then I will not be around to know it and will not be sad or miss anything, because I won't be around! To know it!

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