Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still Largely Asleep

I think that the reason -- or at least one of the reasons -- that I feel so relaxed and sleepy for so long on a weekend morning, as opposed to a weekday morning, is because I don't rapidly change the temperature of my face, first hot water and then cold, within minutes of standing upright. Ordinarily I stand up, with my eyes still closed, strip off any pajamas I have on, shuffle into the bathroom, still eyes closed, and climb into the shower. A brief and very hot shower -- maybe four minutes, and then that's all there is in the hot water heater -- and out, and then I sluice cold water several times over my face, and once over the back of my neck. This not only "wakes me up" but takes away a sort of layer of distance, or of comfort-padding between me and the rest of the world. Weekends, I shuffle somnolently around, in my pajamas, eyes still mostly shut, looking out the window and making the coffee and all, in a very detached way, with my face still in the baby-pout it no doubt wore all night. I've been up now for nearly half an hour, and it is just starting to wear off.

My coffee is gone, and I'm thinking I'd like a second cup this morning. I just heard a shower start up somewhere -- sounds like next door, but you can't really tell, with HVAC systems, where the sound you are hearing is really originating. I'm in the middle of a sorting project here in the office, and am nearing the end of the painting project in the bathroom -- just some touch-up to do to the wall cabinet. But otherwise it is an Officers -- Free, For the Use Of sort of day.

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