Sunday, February 13, 2011


What would happen if I were to go to a pet store and buy a big bag of goldfish, and dump them all into the pond below my balcony? I'm sure most of them would be eaten by wildlife (do nutria eat fish?) and that I would see those herons a few more times! But would some of them survive? And grow? And keep growing until they were too big to be eaten by a heron and flashed their orange scales at me a few times every year?

This is all brought on by my looking out the window this morning while making my second cup of coffee and seeing some brightly-colored something that was floating in the water just below the surface -- sort of a reddish orange color. Made me think of it. Also made me mad to see someone's garbage in my pond! Don't they know that I do my daydreaming while looking at it every day? Do they think I want to daydream about their trash?!

I'm also wondering what the timetable is for Loud Duck Conversations -- since it has been a long quiet Sunday morning, without even a quack. They are all out there silently gliding, or standing on their heads eating off the bottom, but no one is uttering a peep. But when someone starts, they will all, immediately and universally, join in, and keep it going as long as their quackers work. I'm thinking it's like dogs at night. But what sets one of them off?

I'm enjoying my hot cup and my fluffy bathrobe for a few minutes more, before dressing and setting off into the world. Heading for the library, for the Salvation Army, and possibly for Fred Meyer's. Not certain about that last, because I don't need anything right this minute. And can certainly wait to shop. I was thinking, when I got up this morning, how lovely it would be to get dressed promptly and walk over to Sully's to read the paper with that gorgeous dark furry coffee -- but instead of talking myself out of it, I merely allowed time to pass while drinking my own pretty darn good coffee. And now it is really too late for breakfast. So you see, procrastination has its useful place.

Sip -- mmmm. Looking around and thinking of where the book bag is, and where the books are -- most of them neatly in their Finished Books stack in the bedroom, but I know there is at least one on the ottoman in the living room, and one in here on top of the printer. So I will gather those up, and then get out a big garbage bag and dump a few trash cans into it -- and what else? Well, dress, and comb my hair, duh.

Any news? Not really -- life goes on. Joe is being a Young Adult Male, so my phone calls from him range from Two Weeks Without One, to Three in One Hour, all begging for a ride downtown, later on tonight. "What for?" I asked. "Uhh -- you don't want to know," he replied (honestly, at least). So I blithely turned him down (three times!) making him angry with me, I have no doubt, and know that he won't call me again until he forgets this, which will happen a lot sooner than you might think.

Otherwise -- I am doing fine, still gaining weight like a prize sow, but otherwise healthy! (sigh...) I am doing an hour of yoga three-four times a week, and have been since the year began, so I am very happy about that, and hope that I will soon be less crippled up and stiff and cumbersome, and have less pain. Am also in the midst of a big Clearing Things Away bout at work, which I'm hoping will be completed this week, and then everything will be caught up, tidy, identified and put away. Yes!

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