Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow! Fat, wet snow!

Near miss this morning on my way in to work -- not out on the snowy freeway, either, where I might have expected it, but right at the driveway to the parking lot here at work. And it wasn't my fault, either -- or at least not entirely my fault. I was approaching my turn, and slowing and signalling, but I guess the car behind me was only slowing enough to allow me to make the turn -- he wasn't slowing seriously. And I was sort of thoughtlessly approaching the turn, when I saw that a pale champagne-colored car without its headlights on was approaching me from the opposite direction. Had I made the turn, it would have T-boned me. And I have no real excuse as to why I didn't see it. Nor why it was not lit! So I braked, instead of turning, to wait for it to pass, and my follower, who, as I said, was only slowing lightly, had to brake sharply to keep from plowing up and over me. This, apparently, angered him, even though it was his own silly fault for not braking when my brake lights and signal came on. Guess he didn't see the small pale car either. Anyway, he swerved out to the right, and LAID on the horn while I made my turn. Still holding that horn down as I swung into a parking place. Merely expressing his bad nature, I guess!

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