Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rubicon is not just a cool-sounding word! It has MEANING!

You know what I don't like? One of the things, that is, of course -- there are so many things that I don't like, if I started counting them up, it would carry us on all day. Brussels sprouts, for one. Underground parking structures for another. Comb-overs. People with authority who misuse it. People without authority who pretend that they have it. Tight waistbands. East winds.

But the thing I was talking about at the start of that paragraph -- I don't like advertisements that cater directly and without any admixture, to the sex urge. In both men and women. For example, this ad I have been seeing lately for the latest Jeep model, which is called, ludicrously and ignorantly, the Rubicon. The Rubicon! The Point of No Return Jeep! The beyond-this-is-certain-death Jeep! Ridiculous.

Anyway, the whole ad, which is set to the song, "She's So Hot" which is a really stupid song, too -- vapid and free of content and just basically a dance tune. The ad has a lovely, long-limbed girl with long dark hair driving a top-down Jeep through the city streets, and flashing to different angles of this same girl and this same Jeep and these same streets, while she smooths back her hair and flirts with the camera.

AND THAT"S IT. That's the whole ad. That's the entire package designed to make me say, "Oh, man, if I just had a Jeep RUBICON I would look just like that dark-haired long-limbed girl! Get me a Jeep Rubicon TODAY!" and to make any male say, "Man, she's SO HOT! She's SO HOT! I WANT that dark-haired long-limbed girl! Get me a Jeep Rubicon today!"


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