Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Neighbors, or...?

The people in the next-door house were apparently only gone for a month or so, because tonight, for the first time since I moved in, there are lights on. I went out onto the balcony this evening for my nightly look at the lights reflected in the water and sparkling over the black surface. And turning my head, I gasped to look right into a bedroom. Across their yard, of course, but being brightly lit, it felt as though it were right beside me.

The owners no doubt also felt themselves very private in their bedroom, as it was well lit and also completely uncurtained. Large fat pillows piled on the head of a large bed, must be king-sized or even a California king. Hard to tell at this distance. But still a private oasis, since one couldn't see into it from any of my windows. And my privacy is still undiminished, since the wall facing my bedroom window is still completely blank, with nary a window in it. I suppose I will see a person eventually, but I'll burn that cross on a bridge.

Next morning: And today, there is smoke rising from their furnace pipe! I mean, I suppose that thing is a chimney, but to me, chimney means fire, as in fireplace, woodstove, built-with-your-own-hands type of thing. Funny to see the smoke coming out of the pipe and heading straight for the ground. It's pretty cold this morning -- isn't heat supposed to rise? What is going on over there? What gravity-defying stuff are they burning in that furnace? And still no signs of people. This could turn into an interesting story!

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