Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day --2009 (looks like a movie subtitle!)

Well, I am back from another walk around Milwaukie (the town of), this Christmas Eve morning! I am aware of the coldness (my thighs are still registering chill) but I am very, very warm! (my thighs are burning!) Woo-Hoo! I feel good, like I knew that I would.

Joe is still asleep on the floor in the living room. He stayed up pretty late last night. And so did I, I must admit -- after midnight, in order to finish the book I was reading, even though I've read it at least twice before. "Some Lie and Some Die" by Ruth Rendell -- knowing that I still had to be up by six-thirty, in spite of having the day off. Must drink coffee at same time every day! I'm considering trying to break that cycle, though, now that I no longer have hormones running like fire through my veins. But not today!

As I passed the Waldorf School on my way out, a flock of geese rose from the large playing field, probably -- oh, let's be conservative -- say, one hundred and fifty. Probably closer to twice that many! All at once, all honking to beat the band, and they separated into two bands, one swooping out to the north in a wide circular loop, and the other to the south. It was something to see. I watched with my jaw hanging open. Reminds me of the swallows at Chapman School, though not as astonishing.

Didn't get coffee, since Sully's was closed until January 3rd -- next YEAR! --and I was already past the other two coffee shops that I know of when I found that out. So I simply carried my travel mug with me, which prevented me walking with my hands in my pockets. Probably a good thing.

Saw a cop out this morning, saw him three times in fact. I had crossed the street in front of him, and he looked at me pretty closely -- which would have worried me, if I had had anything to worry about -- but did make me wonder, since it was after nine in the morning. Not the crack of dawn or anything. So I walked on, congratulating myself on living a life that is so completely free of any wrong-doing that I am not even slightly concerned when I see a police officer. And then, maybe three blocks on, he came around the corner in front of me, about a block up, and looked pretty hard at me again. The third time was several minutes later, as I was crossing behind the lumber yard. He had pulled someone over and his lights were on. So possibly just an extra-determined cop, who was looking for anyone doing anything wrong.

I am very happy to have this day off, since I will spend it amusing myself! By which I mean cleaning my room, and unpacking boxes. Well, I find that amusing! I will probably also walk up to the Salvation Army, possibly get a coke at Taco Bell as I pass it by, possibly stop by the library -- in short, treating this day like any other weekend day! We are not celebrating Christmas here at our house. Next year, however, I will! I will be completely settled into this sweet little apartment, Joe will not be camping out in my living room, and I will have a little money to spend! Party givers, watch out!

Well, the crisp hot sweet buttery toast I just ate is gone, with even the streusel-y smell dissipating on the empty air, so I guess if I want more food I'd better go and make some. Tea! Hot, fragrant tea! More crisp hot toast! Possibly even some soft scrambled eggs!

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