Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Umbrellas

When I woke up this morning, the heat was on.  It hasn't been on so far this autumn, and I knew as soon as I woke, and heard the low purring sound.  It made getting up a delight, instead of a thing-that-only-grown-ups-do,-and-I-guess-I'm-a-grown-up,-so-here-goes.  To step into the softly blowing warmth, weaving around my bare ankles, instead of the chill of the early morning -- lovely!

It's a beautiful day, too -- a thickly overcast, dull white sky, faintly glowing overall, without anything by which you could locate the sun, turn your head though you might. 

Raining steadily but softly, plicketty-plicketty, in a way that you might think was negligible, but would soon soak you through.  Glad I always carry an umbrella!  In fact, there are three in the car right now, since I left the giant emergency umbrella in the back seat, and brought my everyday Klimt, as well as the small rollup stuffed in the side pocket of my carry bag.  So I am ready

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