Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Fall!

Gorgeous day!  Thick white cloud cover, quite low in the sky -- Big Pink disappears into it completely, well below its top floors.  There's a definite nip in the air -- time to start thinking about wearing my jacket when I leave the house!

So yesterday I started working on my costume for our yearly murder mystery Halloween party!  I'm a circus muscle man, (Death in the Big Top!) so I started out by spray painting two large styrofoam balls black, to make them into a fake barbell.  It took quite a while, since the paint kept running into all the tiny holes on the surface of the styrofoam, and I kept having to leave the house to catch some air and let my head stop swimming.  I painted the dowel that goes between them, as well.  Tonight when I get home from work, I think I will try blocking out the white letters on either end, saying 100 lbs.  Or maybe 500 lbs, since this is a costume party -- I can claim as many pounds as I want!  Didn't the world's strongest man set a record with 1,155 pounds?  So maybe even 1,000 pounds!    We'll see how well the numbers lay out over the curve of the ball.

Good news from my mom last night -- my sister Sarah is coming for a visit!  All the way up from Mexico, on a plane!  And not with all of her family in tow, just one son is accompanying her.  I'm feeling very happy about this, since it seems that she will relax so much more without having to run interference between her children, and feed them and make them behave, and all the caregiving things she would have to do were they all with her.  And she is staying for two weeks!  Two whole weeks of rest and peace and the sound of the ocean at Mom and Dad's.

Wow -- just raised my head and looked out the window at a young man taking a large hit off his pot pipe.  I know this became legal today, but it still gave me a shock to see.  I should accustom myself to this sight, shouldn't I?

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