Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Real Portland Weather

It looks as though today is going to be a real Portland-style day as far as weather is concerned.  I am looking out at thick soft grey cloud cover, and feel the breeze in the air.  It's about 64 degrees out there right now.  Ahhhhhhh....  I am relaxing all over.

So today is going to be my first walk-home day.  I'm not walking all the way home, because that is far too much for my fat, slovenly self, but I am going to take the 20 bus down Burnside, and get off at 23rd Ave, and walk home down 23rd.  So about 20 blocks.  That would just about do me in, except that it is a very gentle slope downhill all the way.  So I will be able to handle it all right. And I am going to enjoy that!  Think of all the windows I will get to look in!

And in a few months, when I have spending money in my pocket, I will be picking up a slice on the way home, and eating it as I walk. Looking forward to that!

Well -- this past weekend was the Labor Day holiday, and I enjoyed the hell out of it!  Spent Saturday cleaning intermittently, you know how I do, but it worked, and before noon the house was absolutely ready for company, even if the company had been ready to check my drawers and cupboards and look under the sink.  I also read several books, listened to Rex Stout on CD, and watched Poirot to go to sleep.  It was a very pleasant day.

Sunday, I got up at about five-thirty, and walked through my clean, clean, clean apartment, with nothing to climb over and walk around, nowhere that I had to reach across anything or put anything aside to open anything.   My house is TIDY!   

I had some little vanity cakes that I bought from St. Honore's and the tea kettle full of hot water, and I was ready for company.  Doug and Kathy arrived about 12:30 and brought me a gorgeous orchid in a pot, a Phalaenopsis with three blooms in cream and lavender.  We had a very nice visit, even though Doug had forgotten his lovely cigar, so could not enjoy the yard nearly as much.  We sat outside in the chairs, and shaded ourselves with the big yard umbrella.  It was still very warm, and I was glad to return inside.

Alan and Jody arrived the next day at about noon, after I had made a coconut cream pie, and we ate a meal that they brought with them, except for a plate of sliced, home-grown tomatoes which I had temptingly out on the table.  They stayed for several hours into afternoon, and left about five when Jody began to get sleepy.  It was a very good visit, both of them were.  I really enjoyed having people over into my lovely, familiar, happy and enwrapping apartment!

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