Monday, May 21, 2012

Bet they had rhubarb

The Farmer's Market in a delicate springtime rain!  What could be better?  And early enough in the season (this is the second of the year's markets) that everyone is in a good mood.  There were a few people making help-help-its-raining-on-me faces -- you know, twisting their heads sideways and sort of raising one shoulder, as though Mother Nature would get the hint and stop.  But for the most part, everyone was smiling, kids were calling to their parents -- "Mom, Mom, look, tor-TEE-yas!"  "Oh, Daddy, it's a lit-tle ti-ny pie!"  -- and the smells and colors were a brightly fragrant kaleidoscope of springtime glory.  The music group was playing bayou-style rock-and-roll, and I was NOT the only one singing along " was a teen-age wedding, and the old folks wished them well...dee deedle doodle doodle doo..."

Also as a result of the earliness of the year, the booths were very carefully arranged, and very colorful.  I took a few pictures of the heaps of orange carrots, for example, and the buckets full to overflowing with deep blue iris and vivid tulips.  Didn't buy anything, since I am absolutely stony broke, but there also wasn't much in the way of appealing offerings for me.  Vegetables, while pretty to look upon, and all, are not appetizing or appealing to me.  And it's a little early for fruits just yet.  Bet they had rhubarb, though.


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