Monday, May 28, 2012

Extraneous decks

Okay, my next door neighbors, about whom I have spoken before, have recently built a large deck in their backyard.  It is very well-made, has a staircase attaching it to the upstairs deck which already existed, and is easily accessible from both floors of the house.  Has a railing about waist high around it, and a two-step stairway stepping down to the yard in front.  I have yet to see them using it at all, which causes me to wonder all over again if they are merely living in this house while beautifying it to re-sell.  Their pile of lawn chairs stays in a pile, and there is nothing on the deck at all, no chairs, tables, candles or tiki lights.  

So, why, I ask you, has the next thing that the young man has been working on been a sort of pseudo-deck-beside-the-deck?  He worked on it for several days without me paying much attention, although I could hear him clinking and chinking his way through a pile of used bricks, tapping off the mortar clinging to the edges, to make sure that it was square enough to fit in the place he was going to put it, you know what I mean.  He dug out a long narrow rectangle beside the deck, and floored it with this brick, and then used the brick to build a dry-stone type wall alongside, where the ground rose up.  It now has a chair and a tiki light and a small table and a decorative fish made of rusted metal on a long pole stuck into the ground next to it.  And it is quite lovely.  And totally extraneous.  So what the heck?

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