Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wet and tired and grumpy

My house is clean and tidy and ready for company, cuz John Bell is arriving this evening! Woo-Hoo! I also got the zip-off pillow-top for a double bed from the Salvation Army, and it is now making my bed far more comfortable, especially for those who are not used to its creaky boniness.

Now, yesterday I started a post, and had a paragraph or two written, when something occurred to me to check, and instead of opening a new window, I just went to the web site from this one. So of course my post completely disappeared. And now I cannot remember what I was writing about. Sigh.

Grey skies and wet pavements await John as he trundles around town with his suitcase. I texted him an offer to come and pick him up if he needed it, anywhere he might be, and he replied along the lines of "Thanks but no thanks." Hmmm. We shall see. If he is still channelling his inner pack-mule, then he may appear on my doorstep, wet and tired and grumpy.

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