Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And also, a bag of books.

Snowed this morning. When I looked out my bedroom window I was very startled to see the snow on the neighbor's roof, and when I hurried in to the dining room to look out the glass door, I saw the tiny flakes falling through the air. But this afternoon was bright blue and gold with a warm breeze, and tonight the sky is deep and clear and if that moon is not full, it is as near as damnit. I walked down to the library after I got home from work, and checked out a bag of books, and then walked over to the Thai restaurant, what's it called? Rice? I think Rice. And ate a large meal. But then I walked off and left my tom kha with shrimp on the table, so no lunch tomorrow, which was part of my justification of spending that much money to feed myself. Two meals for the price of one! Sigh. It was delicious, though, and yet not fattening. And I also have a bag of books!

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