Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh, dear.

Well, I took a walk today. Yup, just like I am always thinking I will. I did. And although I am glad that I did, (especially since now it is raining like a big dog) I am also very saddened and surprised and kind of horrified to see just how bad is the shape I am in.

I walked for thirteen blocks. At the beginning of the third block, my legs were protesting, not violently, but quite noticeably. By the end of the fifth block, I was limping on my left leg, I couldn't really tell why, but that's how the pain was expressing itself. I had to pause a few times for a few moments every block after five. On the ninth block, I was limping on my right leg. I never did get short of breath, although I was breathing firmly through my nose as I climbed the stairs to my apartment.

Oh, dear.

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