Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Head Under the Covers

Arg, arg, arg.  I do hate anything to do with my sinuses.  Whenever the word "sinus" crosses my mind, the words preceding it and following it are going to be negative.   Can we speed up the evolutionary process here, please?  Hollow areas that fill up and then empty themselves in order to equalize pressure may be the very best thing we can think of at the moment, but come on!  It so rarely works with anything like efficiency, always includes miserable sensations, impedes breathing, talking, singing, and shrieking for help (just in case, you understand) and frequently produces runny snot.  When it doesn't produce runny snot, it is often much worse in the other departments (read: miserable sensations) and always brings with it an emotional quality.  A negative emotional quality.   

Now, you could argue that miserable sensations are, by definition, going to produce misery.  But I have experienced pain just as painful in other parts of my body -- my knee, for instance, or my elbow.  And while it made me feel pain, it didn't make me also feel --  frightened, anxious, depressed, hopeless, desolate, solitary, unloved and ugly.  All of which I have experineced (and then some) when having sinusitis.  Remember those months at Prairie?  I'm amazed I survived.

So, today is Wednesday, and I noticed the facial pain on Saturday.  So this is day five.  Isn't that long enough for my sinuses to figure out what is going on and reach a point of equilibrium?  This spot on my cheek has been aching in that elusive, cold, dense way pretty much without a pause, but bounding into my awareness every time the temperature drops even a few degrees.  I need a hood to wear over my head, that can stay moist and warm inside.  I took an antihistamine, just hoping that it would have some effect on the attached sinus activity, even though there isn't an allergen involved.  Don't know if that will help or not.  I need the cold east wind to stop blowing.  STOP BLOWING!  I need to live on a tropical beach, or a rain forest, woth lots of water floating about in the air.  I need to have stayed in bed with my head under the covers.

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