Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full Moon Tonight

Full moon tonight!  Driving home from Mickey's it was tantalizingly peeping through the clouds every few miles, and glowing dimly behind things.  Absolutely lovely, no matter how many times it has happened before, and how many times it is destined to happen again before I die.

On my way north on I-5 I was beside a pair of motorcyclists, who were riding very loud bikes.  And I mean loud, too -- when they revved their engine, each burp was separate and distinct and VERY. LOUD.  It was a pair, a man and a woman, and the man's bike had a very shiny, red, square end, like a box, which I'm certain has some specific biker name, that any biker person would know immediately and probably contains the word "bitch" in it somewhere.  But I don't know it, okay?  Anyway, it made the bike look brand new and like a toy.  They were both wearing what I always think of as Nazi helmets, which is one of the reasons I knew they were serious bikers.  And although this was back on I-5 that I first saw them, they roared and rumbled and blap-blap-blapped all the way back to Milwaukie with me, and turned up MY street.  Went to the apartments on the corner of Harrison and 23rd.  Pretty funny!

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