Friday, April 1, 2011

Out of the mists of time!

Wow -- this might be the first time in -- well, in years, don't know how many, and can't even begin to think back to the last time -- so, years, that I have had a classic attack of fibromialgia. It's my right arm, pretty much all of it, but mostly from the elbow down. The top half is only gently tinged with an outline of pain, in that familiar way, but the lower half is nearly visibly aflame! And yet, if I keep the arm constantly moving, (like now, typing rapidly) I can almost keep the pain sub rosa, almost keep it so unidentfiable that I could almost deny having it. That is, if I hadn't just noticed it while my arm was still. It centers in my wrist and my elbow. The palm of my hand feels stiff and swollen, and my fingers don't enjoy flexing. My forearm also feels stiff and hot, and I cannot quite locate the pain with my other hand (that almost made me laugh, it was so very familiar). Can't clench my fist. Elbow, also, faintly throbbing with heat, and aching where it touches the desktop. Shoulder, also, though more mildly. Now, why? I have not had any sort of emotional issue today. Been quite calmly and happily answering the phone and entering my data, and reading my book. And while I know it didn't always come as a result of emotions, it did so frequently, that it hardly seems fair to come without them.

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