Friday, January 22, 2010

Worry? Me?

Really, I'm trying very hard not to worry, since there is nothing I can do about this situation. I made an error -- yes, it is my own doing -- and forgot an automatic payment that I had scheduled to pay Joe's phone bill. Did not write it down. So when it was deducted from my account, I was suddenly over my limit. I quickly made transfers from other accounts and covered the checks, but now am at zero. ZERO. And it will be over a week until I can get any money in to the account. And, since I work 9-5, I cannot sell any of my books (My BOOKS!) which are really, the only things of any saleable value, which I have, until the weekend, anyway. So, I need to relax, calm down, and just exist until then, telling Joe over and over that I don't have any, when he asks me, as he does on a daily basis, for money.

That is the part that causes this worry, I do believe. Since, left to myself, I have gone weeks without spending anything. But Joe is both very dear to me, so that I don't enjoy turning him down, and also very dense when it comes to understanding the facts of life. Odd, isn't it? I've explained this situation to him so many times, and asked him, as a personal favor to me, not to ask me for the money which I don't have to give him (and this time REALLY DO NOT HAVE) since it is very hard and painful for me to say no. And he seems to understand. But sometimes the next appeal for money comes less than half an hour after one of these little speeches. What is UP with that?

And the bills which are mounting up? Are just going to have to wait. They will get a small payment soon enough.

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