Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Driving Duties

At about 7:30, Joe asks me to take him to Andrew's house, but first picking up Ian, and then swinging by Sawyer's. I agree, but tell him that he will be responsible for finding his own way home, since I am still sick, and pretty tired. I won't be staying up til Joe comes home. He agrees.

At ten, the phone rings. "Mom, can you please come get me?"

"No -- you are supposed to find your own way home, or spend the night there."

"I can't! Nick isn't here, and I've been wrestling all evening, and I'm wiped. And Ian needs a ride, too, and I told him you'd take him home."

So guess who got into the car in her pajamas and went and picked up her son and his little friend?

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  1. Beth, We are experiencing a lot of the same things with Jordan...at least when he is at home. "Can you pick me me up at whatever o'clock?" "You have your own car!" His car is a two seater. "Yeah, but there will be four of us and so-and-so wants to sleep over." So we inevitably do it. I suppose that when he is completely out of the nest, we will miss these little impositions.