Friday, September 18, 2009

The Big Day

So, today is the day that Joe gets to take his driving test. Hooray! Huzzah! Whooeee! We've been hearing about this day for months. In all kinds of ways -- longing: "When I get my license, I'll be so happy!" -- threatening: "Man, I'll have my license then, and you just wait...!" -- begging: "But that will be after I have my license, and I'll be able to....!" and so on and so on.

So. Test scheduled for ten a.m. Joe nervous the night before, says, wake him up early, like at eight. Then, at about midnight, he comes and wakes me, asking for his car keys, so that he can go and pick up Nick, who is currently walking down the hill to our house. This discussion goes on far longer than one would think, but he finally accepts that he isn't getting the keys, and goes off to meet Nick on foot, just like he used to. Then there is some scuffling around the house, and surreptitious eating of various articles, both upstairs and down, and then they settle.

At eight I go downstairs and wake Joe. At eight-thirty, I go downstairs and wake Joe. At 8:45, I go downstairs and wake Joe. At nine-oh-five I go downstairs and yell, "If you aren't ready to go when I think we ought to leave, then I'm not taking you!" It is now 9:28. The test, in case you have forgotten, is at ten.

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