Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Broker's Instructions

Oh, snicker-snee!  Sometimes Eye am not the one who failed to follow-through!

I just got a call from Corporate, saying that a certain check had come in for a certain sale, and they needed a copy of the Broker's Instructions to Escrow, so that they could process it, and write a check to the agent.  I looked in my file -- no Broker's Instructions.  I called Nameless Agent, and, very apologetically, told her this, and asked her for a copy of her copy.  She yelled and swore and whined and was pretty annoyed with me for "losing" it, and then said,  "Why don't you call escrow and get a copy from them?  I'm away from my desk, and won't be able to get it to you 'til tomorrow.  But call Fidelity and ask for a copy!"

I agreed to do this, and did it at once.  The assistant knew immediately which sale, agent and file I was talking about.  "Oh, Nameless?"  she said.  "Yeah, we don't have a copy of those, either.  Broker's Instructions to Escrow, right?  We asked her repeatedly for those.  Finally we just sent the check with standard deductions.  Can't help!"

My, my!

I called Nameless back.  The silence that fell when I told her this was pretty complete.  Then she said, (I kid you not)  "No, sir!  They do, too!"

"Well, they don't think they do,"  I said.

"If they didn't, they would have told me!"

"They think they did!"  I said.

"Ohhhh -- damn it!  I'll get them to you in the morning!"  she said crossly, and hung up.

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