Monday, October 1, 2012

Raising the Rent....

Through much labor and worry and chewing of fingernails, I have managed to put a few dollars into savings this past month.  I am not buying any alcohol, but waiting all month for the weekend with Mickey when she buys, I am not going to the movies, but borrowing DVDs from the library,  I am eating the foodbox food, and not going to the grocery store, and so on.   It hasn't been fun, and I'm not as light-hearted as usual, but it has been do-able, and I'm really quite pleased with myself.

And then I get the envelope in the mail, telling me that my rent is being raised again.  Fifty dollars a month, for the second year in a row.  So that wipes out the savings entirely, and makes me have to seriously question whether or not I can continue to live here.  If they are going to keep raising the rent once a year, I will soon be completely unable to afford to stay.  What is the deal?  Do they not like me?  Do they prefer to keep their tenants for only a year, and then want to dump them and find new ones?  There are currently four empty apartments in this building.  They really prefer that there be five?

And, at the moment, I cannot afford to move out, anyway.  The whole first/last month and security deposit thing.  But I guess I will begin looking.  This is just SUCH a perfect apartment!  Really.  I do NOT want to leave.

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