Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy sigh of deep relief

Today -- for the first time in  several weeks -- perhaps even two months -- feels like a Real Day.  A real day for me, anyway.  Forgetting about all the temporary and fleeting issues and problems of the world at large and me in particular, and just existing today, feels very happy and satisfactory.  Now why is this?    I can think of several reasons, but the main one, the obvious-at-a-glance-one, is the weather.

The sky is overcast today, the air is cool and almost crisp, at 62 degrees.   That feeling of oppression is gone, as is the merciless brilliant blue sky, not the glowing golden-tinged blue of Autumn, nor the bright pale robins-egg blue of Spring.  I feel sure that the humidity, whatever it was, and whatever it was doing that was so unusual and felt so dreadful, is back to normal, and is cheerfully humidifying the world in its usual way. 

My apartment, charming in so many ways as it is, is completely un-insulated, in the ceiling, and it just got hotter and hotter in there, as the wretched hot days rolled sluggishly on.  98, 99, 100, 101, and not a breath of air movement.  I would wake up with the fan in my window valiantly blowing hot air from one end of the hot room to the next.  The sheet I was tangled in would be damp, and I would feel very uncomfortable, and have deep red dents in my skin where some fold of material had pressed.  It took me half an hour at least before I could even think coherently. 

And last night?  I did not even have the fan on.  I wore my nightshirt to bed, and had the quilt over me.  And woke this morning to my recognizable world.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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