Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sleepy Sunday morning

Sunday morning, and I'm at the Retirement Home, enjoying the peace of a Sunday morning. Or at least, what remains of the peace since the neighbors are here, working on a weekend-fix-the-house project, which requires constant music. And they like repetitive alternative-type stuff, over and over. Arg.

But it is beautifully blue-and-gold with a warm sun and a cool breeze. Faint smell of neighbor's bonfire a pleasant backdrop to my mother's air fresheners. I went for a short walk this morning with my first cup of coffee and enjoyed the mist still filling the trees and lying low in the roadway. And now I am sleepy again, even though is is barely noon. Mom and Dad will soon be home from church, but I might sneak in a tiny nap before they make it. I'll bet we are having store-roasted chicken for lunch! Mmmm...

Spent the pre-church morning having some fairly interesting conversations, one with each parent. With my mom I was discussing the value and/or lack thereof of multitasking, and how much of the various things one was doing at the same time one could retain or pass a test on. That seemed to be her method for ascribing value to something. I was saying that while reading a book, even one I was very interested by, I would feel as though part of my brain was empty and flopping about unused, and I would want there to be something else going on, to occupy it. Therefore, I would often get up, go to the computer and at least have e-mail present to my peripheral vision, which seemed to do the trick. Mom complained that unless I was fruitfully reading both book and e-mail, it was the wrong thing to do. And I know that the prevailing wisdom of the moment is that a human being is not capable of ingesting (?) two streams of information at the same time, but I'll bet that's coming! How long has it been since we were unable to read and write, to speak, to walk uprightly?

With Dad, I was discussing several things: the new prevalence of autism, the way public schools are set up, the downsides in the long run of agribiz, the way any school of thought or scientific discovery seems to affect the world forever, but they are all temporary, as anyone looking back down history can see, quantum physics, health care and the lengthening of life.

YA-AWWWN -- think I'd better go lie down for just a minute....

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